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Marble Floor Restoration and Repairs

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Granite Repairs and Repolishing

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Slate Cleaning and Restoration

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Terrazzo Restoration, Repairs & Installation

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Concrete Polishing and Repairs

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Marble Restoration in London

What We Do For You!

You know when your marble and stone starts to look tired, worn and dirty?

We resolve those problems and bring the life and beauty back to your stone and tile floors, countertops, showers, and more. Call Now 01707 661182



Our team restore the "Wow!" to your marble floors and surfaces. Our marble restoration services include cleaning, restoring, polishing, refinishing, repair, and resealing...

terrazzo floor repairs


The resurgence of the popularity of terrazzo is not without good reason. This flooring surface is not just stylish, it's practical and easy to maintain...



Granite is one of the hardest materials on Earth, but that doesn't mean it is impervious to damage. No worries, we can fix just about any problem...


Tile Grout

No need to worry about dirty grout anymore! Our deep cleaning and sealing will have your floors looking clean and staying clean....



Let us help you reveal the rich colours of your slate. This unique stone surface can make a dramatic statement when it is clean and treated...



There is nothing quite like the untamed charm and sophistication of travertine. Trust yours in the hands of the travertine restoration experts...


Our Services

Your Marble will start to look tired and worn after a time. This is a natural state for marble but it needn't be a major problem for you. You can get the Marble restored by an honest, reputable and experience Natural Stone Restoration company like us. So don't delay and get us around to quote for you. If you don't like you don't instruct, no hard feelings.

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Why Work With Us

Honesty, integrity, experience and professionalism. But most importantly, absolute assurance that the job will be done right the first time to your utmost satisfaction.

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Our Philosophy

As a progressive company we strive for excellence in all aspects of our work to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We are flexible and listen carefully to our clients. We take on board all feedback from our customer surveys and constantly aim to improve our service and to exceed our customers expectations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Robust is Marble? Will it Need Continual Restoration?

Marble is one of the most durable stones available. For many centuries, marble has been used on walls, floors, and counters in homes, business offices, and government buildings. It is tough, and hard to damage. However, as with all things, over time, wear and tear on the marble will appear. It is a porous stone so that means liquids that get spilt on it will be absorbed by it or if acidic damage it. Also, marble can be chipped by accidently striking it; so marble cleaning restoration will be an expense down the line if you look to maintain it. However, if the proper precautions are taken, that price can be tiny in comparison to replacing it..

How Can I Get Rid of These Water Marks on My Marble?

Though they may appear to be water stians, those marks are actually the result of acidic liquid coming in contact with your marble. These are etch marks that require polishing to be properly removed. A severe etch mark requires marble restoration from professionals because it can not be removed by any household materials or by standard means. Light etch marks can be removed by amateurs using forceful polishing with available marble polishing products.

After marble restoration, will I be required to have professional follow-up care?

You should have some form of bi-annual or annual maintenance performed on your floors. Cleaning and sealing them once per year will help to ensure that your floors are protected and stay looking great. Marble Master Restoration, will also leave a maintenance regime that will help you in dealing with your stone on a day-to-day basis as well as recommend safe cleaning products.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Thank you guys for sorting out my hallway’s sad and sorry 100 yr old terrazzo floor, and being so flexible in coming back to bring it up a polish grade until it was just how we wanted. That’s what I call customer service" - 

Emma Taylor – From our Facebook Page


"I can say that we at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) found Marble Masters service a very professional & proficient service, and we will surely utilise their expertise again" -

Stuart Marsh, Royal Institute of British Architects, (RIBA)


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