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Waitrose Supermarket, Towcester

We have just started the refurbishment to the flooring at Waitrose Store in Towcester.
waitrose towcester
The tiles are from somewhere abroad either Italy or Malta but we have managed to make them here in the uk.

The method we use is to break or cut a piece of the terrazzo tile and bring it back to our Lab. Once we have it back we put it into out Terrazzo crusher that I designed and developed and only for our use.

This allow us to break down the components of the Terrazzo Tile. We can see what the aggregates contained in the piece of tile are and replicate them. As I suspect this is from Italy it is mainly Carrara and Granite Chipping’s in concrete.

Once we know exactly what is in the sample piece we start the manufacturing process to make the new tiles. This can take up to 6 weeks to produce but the finished item is almost perfect you would never know they weren’t the original tiles. I am proud of my team and suppliers for helping us be the best in the business and as such great for our customers and clients.

We are refurbishing all of Waitrose’s supermarket stores this year.