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Waitrose Store – Finchley High Road


Waitrose Store – Finchley High Road

We have started work on the second of our Waitrose Store project this week.

The Terrazzo Tiles have presented somewhat of a problem as yet again someone has bought tiles from a different country to ours and it is a nightmare trying to match them.

The first problem is they aren’t exactly 300mm x 300mm, some are 297 which doesn’t seem a lot of difference but when you try to lay them they stick out like a sore thumb, but we will deal with it.

The other problem is a metal plate in the floor is causing a problem as we have to lay the 2 Aisle rows on the metal plate which is probably why the existing tiles have cracked so badly and released the existing grout.

We have a product that will allow a better bond between the metal plate, Screed and adhesive which should stop a lot of the cracking.

So, another 10 week job fixing the floors for Waitrose, They really are very nice people to work with and we shall be giving them the best job we possibly can.

Here is the Waitrose Client Job Page