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Victoria Palace Theatre Full Stone Restoration Project

Victoria Palace Theatre Full Stone Restoration

We have recently been invited to tender for the restoration of the prestigious and famous Victoria Palace Theatre in Victoria, London. The Theatre has


Victoria Palace Theatre

The Theatre has fallen into a sorry state but thanks to the others the funds have been made available to restore it to its former glory.


The whole site is going to be restored, but Marble Master are undertaking all of the exterior west face stone restoration and all internal marbles and granites.

The exterior with is my particular forte is clad in code stone with Portland limestone and marble segments. It is as would be expected covered in carbon deposit from exhaust fumes and the sticky residue left by diesel.

victoria-palace-theatreIt has been damaged by acid rain, and a lot of the masonry will need replacing at mantle level. We will start with a nebulous clean with soft brushes and neutral detergents to remove the carbon.

Once the first phase is completed, we will be dealing with the acid rain staining and the fixing of smaller chips and cracks. The third session will be the removal of masonry that is damaged beyond repair masonry and installation of newly sculptured masonry in its place.

The exterior is 500 sqm2 to the west face (Main front entrance). We need to do a little work on the East Face but in the main its the front that requires our expertise.

The building is class 2 listed so everything needs to be accessed before works can take place but we have worked on hundreds of listed buildings throughout London and the rest of the UK.

I will be posting pictures before and after and regular updates of progress. The works should start in early November 2016.