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A Terrazzo Staircase Repairs and Restoration In Brixton, London that we did in November 2014. The nosing were badly Damaged the substrate needed retanking and we repaired all the cracks to the surface.

Here are the links to the before and after pictures of the Terrazzo Staircase renovation and repair in Brixton, London

Before: Terrazzo Staircase Before Restoration

After: Terrazzo Staircase After Restoration

How to choose the Perfect Terrazzo Contractor for Restoration and Repairs

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”Megan Walsh, Chelsea, 17th Feb 2014″ quotestyle=”style01″]We were so thrilled with the finished flooring, so much better than we had anticipated. The company staff are friendly, helpful and professional and offer wonderful follow-up advice and service. They also gave us a large container of specialist cleaning product and lots of advice on how to keep the floor nice and shiny. We had debated at length prior if the floor was worth trying to restore as it hade large cracks and had been covered with carpet and glue etc. The guy who came out gave us an accurate estimate and advice about what could be done in terms of restoration. The cost was surprisingly low and very reasonable. The work took a day and everything was left clean and tidy. I cannot recommend highly enough.[/sws_blockquote_endquote]

terrazzo-cleaning-1-950x350When it comes to asking for help to restore and polish your Terrazzo Floor, Don’t ask the tiler or builder to do it!!!!!

I know it seems sensible to ask a professional tiler to do the restoration job after all they say they can do the job. Trust me, this will certainly end in tears. A GP is a professional but I bet you wouldn’t ask him to do perform open heart surgery on you. Ok, I know this might be a strong analogy but it is basically the same principle.

Marble Master have teams trained in refurbishment only, using specially developed equipment aimed at Terrazzo restoration and repairs and we are developing teams countrywide.

Terrazzo is an extremely durable product that will outperform the usual fad type of flooring that rears it’s ugly head from time to time. Terrazzo repair is a subject close to my heart as I have specialised in terrazzo repair for many years.

We have learnt to near perfectly match colours and the aggregate required to make the terrazzo repair almost invisible.

We recently total refurbished the Open university building in Cambridge. The 40-year-old staircase was in a sorry state but after some tender care put back to near it’s former glory.

Terrazzo Tiling.

stoneworker_960x346We have worked on many prestigious projects for installation of Terrazzo tiles here are a few of our terrazzo tiling clients this list is being constantly updated at present we have over 2000 completed jobs.

Terrazzo Repairs

Terrazzo is a natural stone and concrete material that looks like a mosaic. It is polished to a high glaze and polyurethane resin is used to seal it. This sealing with clear polyurethane gives it a durable attractive look. Terrazzo is pre-cast and its constituents are 85% stone and 15% binder with steel reinforcing rods cast into the bowl.

If you wish to have a long lasting glaze on your terrazzo surface, clean it daily or as per the need, with detergent, warm water and a soft cloth. It is strictly unadvisable to put acid or alkaline solutions into the terrazzo bowl. If the terrazzo bowl has accidentally come into contact with any acidic or alkaline solution, the bowl should be thoroughly washed with water immediately. If you find that your bowl has turned hazel, it means that your bowl has surely come into contact with acidic or alkaline solution or has been affected by Ultra Violet marble-bathroomradiation.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”The Royal Institute of British Architects” quotestyle=”style01″]I can say that we at the RIBA found Marble Masters service a very professional & proficient service and we will surely utilise their expertise again. Stuart Marsh Engineering & Maintenance Manager. Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place. London. W1B 1AD [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

terrazzo cleaning and polishing

Terrazzo repair

If you find that your terrazzo has become stained which you are unable to move with general detergent or if you find that your bowl has turned hazel, you surely need to repair your terrazzo. Repairing or restoring your terrazzo is a very simple affair. You require high-quality exterior polyurethane, paint stripper and fine grained sandpaper.

First of all, you need to turn off the water to the unit. The existing polyurethane needs to be completely removed with the paint stripper. It is done to achieve a high-quality new finish. If you find that your terrazzo has been stained, use a sandpaper to get rid of any stain that may have permeated the surface of the terrazzo. After that bowl needs to be thoroughly dried, otherwise polyurethane will not adhere to the surface well. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, apply two to three coasts of polyurethane. If this is not done you run the risk of water penetrating the surface and doing damage to the terrazzo. After that polyurethane should be left to dry completely. You will find the duration of time that polyurethane takes to completely dry in the directions provided by the manufacturer. Only when you are sure of the fact that polyurethane has dried thoroughly, then only water should be turned on.

It is imperative that the repair kit be used in strict accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions.

We specialise in Terrazzo repairs for art deco cinemas, Grade II listed buildings and even modern terrazzo repairs for the likes of the BBC, London Underground, TFL, British Airways Terminal 5 Heathrow, Odeon Group, and hundreds of others.

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