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Stone Sealer

Water and Oil Repella For Internal and External Natural Stone and Concretewater based stone sealer

The UK’s finest stone sealant at a price anyone can afford. 5 ltrs of our product will cover over 80m2. Remember you need to reseal internal stone at least every 18-24 months and externally every 6 months. So you WILL need 20 litres to keep your stone in great condition.A penetrating Stone Sealer that protects the interior of natural stone.

Special Blend of Polymers and Resins

This below surface stone sealer is also ideal for sealing all types of masonry, stucco, concrete and sanded grout. It has a special blend of polymers and resins that bond to the stone and creates a water and oil repellent membrane to prevent staining, yet it allows the stone to breathe and release moisture vapors. It is ideal for interior and exterior use and is UL classified for slip resistance.


Always test a small area before using to determine if the product is applicable.

All stains, moisture, and dirt must be removed prior to the sealer application and must remain dry 24-48 hours after application.

The surface must be completely dry before applying.

Allow three hours after the application before walking on the surface.

Preparing the Surface:

All surfaces must be clean and free from debris and remain dry for 24 hours before the application of WATER BASED STONE SEALER and remain dry for 24 hours after the application.

Floor surface temperature must be above 50 degrees F and below 90 degrees F.



(1) Floor surface must be dust mopped to remove all loose grit and debris.

(2) All topical coatings must be removed with low alkaline stripper. (Solvent coatings should be stripped with a solvent based stripper).

(3) Follow stripping with a deep cleaning process to clean out the pores of the stone. Use a rayon mop with this procedure.

(4) Surface must be rinsed with STONE FLOOR CLEANER to reduce any alkali or acidic residue and to remove any surface soils.

(5) Be sure that the surface is dry for at least twelve hours.

(6) Apply the WATER BASED STONE SEALER using a rayon mop in a figure eight motion.

(7) Completely wet the surface, if excess remains on the surface after five minutes, buff off with an all white bonnet pad.

(8) Always apply a clean trash can liner in the bucket before using to prevent contamination. (9) Apply yearly in high traffic areas.


(1) Sweep the floor surface with a soft bristle broom and follow above procedures 1-5.

(2) Completely wet the surface by applying WATER BASED SEALER with a pump sprayer.

(3) Let the application dry completely.


(1) Follow procedures 1-5 on smooth surface application.

(2) Dab or brush the WATER BASED SEALER onto the grout. Completely wet the grout and let it dry.

(3) After five minutes, remove any excess that remains on the surrounding surface.


(1) Install the stone with the proper setting materials and follow procedures 1-5 on smooth surface application.

(2) Apply sealer to the stone following the smooth stone application procedures.

(3) Apply grout to the joints.

(4) Wipe off remaining residue with DEEP STONE FLOOR CLEANER using a mop or sponge application.

(5) Seal sanded grout 24 hours after curing.


(1) Spray clean the surface with STONE SOAP SPECIAL and then follow procedures 1-5 on smooth stone application procedures.

(2) Apply the WATER BASED SEALER using a clean terry cloth rag.

(3) After five minutes, wipe off excess with a soft white terry cloth.


(1) General cleaning of floor surfaces use STONE SOAP SPECIAL.

(2) General cleaning of countertops, tabletops, vanities and walls use STONE SOAP SPECIAL

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