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Stone Floor Cleaning in London and Home Counties

The Ins and Outs of Stone Floor Cleaning in London

Stone Floor Cleaning in LondonMany houses and offices in London have stone floors and many people in the city love them because they are stylish, natural and beautiful.

As lovely as these floors are, having them cleaned in a city like London can be a huge task that often needs professionals to be hired. Stone floor cleaning in London is big business because many offices and households turn to stone floor cleaning companies to do this job for them.

People with allergies prefer a stone floor because it does not gather any dust plus it hard, cool and great when the weather is warm.

Stone floors have been around for millions of years and they date to as far back as the dawn of civilisation with the Greeks and the Romans.

Things needed to clean stone floors in London

For stone floor cleaning to go smoothly, there are a few things that are needed and a must have for any company offering this type of service.

Always check your stone floors for loose material and if damaged remove the loose stone.

· A good cotton dollymop or a janitor’s mop is a must

· A bucket with a strainer in the bottom to separate grit is a must too

· Clothes and soft & hard nylon scrubbing brushes

· Gloves especially rubber or nitrile chemical resident gloves

· A squeegee preferably a long handled one

· Stone floor cleaning products

· Long handled decorator’s foam roller

a wet pickup vacuum cleaner.

Stone floor cleaning process

1. Preparation – Before any cleaning process starts, preparation is very important and you need to know exactly the cleaning products that are needed to get the job done.Stone Floor Cleaning

If you are not sure you have the right cleaning products, always test them on a dark corner of a room just to see if they can clean properly. The most important thing in the preparation process is to always read and follow the directions stated on the cleaning product to get the best results.

Doing anything other than what is stated can damage your floor or leave it stained instead of clean.

2. Selection the correct cleaning products – Following up from the point mentioned above, always make sure you have the right cleaning products at all times before you start cleaning.

Use the correct detergent for the floor type which you are about to clean which in this case is stone floors. Some detergents will require you to dilute them with water and it is worth noting that.

If your stone floor is very dirty, a stronger solution will need to be picked and applied on a sponge or a squeegee.

3. Begin scrubbing the dirt off the stone floor – Spray the cleaning products on the dirty parts of the stone floor and allow them to do their work for between 9 – 20 minutes before you begin to scrub.

If one brush is not working, try to use different brushes till all the dirt vanishes.

4. Rinse and wipe away any residue on the stone floor – The dirt cleaner is wiped away at this stage and a mop is used to rinse together with clean water in a bucket.

You can then grab an old piece of cloth or a towel and go over the floor to make sure it is clean. When the floor is dry, inspect your work to see if it is shiny and cleaned to your satisfaction.

5. Grab a stain prevention layer and apply on the stone floor – Before doing this you have to make sure that the floor is 100% dry and you can leave it for a few days.

Using a long handled foam roller, you can apply the stain prevention layer evenly making sure it hits every surface. If it is not enough you can always add more and make sure it is absorbed fully by the stone.

6. Take out any remaining solutions on the floor – 15 minutes after you have applied the stain prevention layer on the surface, remove any extra solution and not allow it to dry using a squeegee or a cloth.

Always make sure there is an even finish on the floor

7. Keep off the floor and wait until it is dry – Make sure that no one is walking on the floor until it fully dries up.

It can take between 1 – 2 hours for the floor to dry up depending on the weather.

The floor once cleaned needs to be handled with care with no furniture being moved about and spills being cleaned up immediately.

8. Maintain the stone floor – Always make sure that the floor is cleaned at all times by sweeping and moping constantly.

Choosing a Stone Floor Cleaning specialist

The following are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best expert to help with stone floor cleaning

1. Know the prices the companies offering stone flooring cleaning in your area are charging

Individuals who want to have their stone floors cleaned can visit the companies offering this service and get a quote.

Once you are aware of the quote, you can then ask to see a list of services they offer and majority of Stone floor cleaning companies in London provide dusting, mopping, cleaning, sanitising and vacuuming.

2. Check insurance and go through any contract

Everyone wants a cleaning company that is insured to do the job in their premises because it lets you know that you will not be responsible for any injuries the cleaners suffer while on duty.

That will be taken care of by their employers and as far as the contract is concerned, many stone cleaning companies in London require their clients to sign a written agreement on the type of service and the cost.

Read through the contract and make sure you are happy with everything, if not ask for changes to be made before you sign.

3. Stone Floor Cleaning Experience

Stone Floor Cleaning in London

Many companies across London have years of experience under their belt which means they are well equipped and comfortable doing the task with ease as far as cleaning is involved.

Overall go for experience, it is a lot safer than going for an organisation that is just starting out.

4. References

All successful companies will happily provide references for their clients to contact and ask about the quality of their service.

It is these references that will give you an inkling on the quality of services expected.

A lot has been said about stone floor cleaning in London in this article but one thing thatis certain is having your stone floor cleaned is very important for home and office environments because it keeps both places hygienic.

Many businesses and homeowners often hire professional cleaning companies to do this job for them instead of hiring a full-time cleaner.

Cleaning companies can come in after work hours to clean your office and during the weekend in your home.

If you are looking to get your stone floor cleaned on a budget, choosing a cleaning company that offers the lowest price isn’t the best option because they may lack the technical expertise however, in case you are looking for the best stone floor cleaning company in London, look no further than our company.

We are the best in the business and promise to offer you the best cleaning service at a very affordable price.

We will leave your stone floor looking as good as new when we are finished and our cleaners have a worth of experience when it comes to cleaning stone floors.

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