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Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite Kitchen Worktops in The UK

Granite Kitchen Worktop

Granite countertops for your Luxury Kitchen remodel

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A Counter is more than just a work surface. Your countertops set the tone for the entire kitchen, and granite countertops are the current du jour, whether you are going for a rustic, contemporary, modern, country, or something different.

Their popularity is due to their good looks but because they are durable and long-lasting. Though it’s not possible to predict trends, it’s likely those granite countertops won’t look “dated” 10 or 20 years down the line, where styles or laminate come and go.

If you have a handful of kids, and macaroni and cheese is on the menu several nights of the week, you probably aren’t thinking about elegance or even resale value at this point in your life.

You will have seen the run of the mill Granite Worktops fitted in your friends homes.

The are the usual black with stardust or simply black or brown but now you can be the talk of town.

We source and install the the beautifullest granite worktops with stone form all over the world.granite countertop

No-one will have what we will give you and I guarantee it will be the most beautiful piece of Granite Worktop you will ever see.

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The Five Step Granite worktop installation system

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Step 1. QUOTE: Figure out Sq Ft: You may submit layout of your project and we will figure out your Square Meterage sqm2. Or you may schedule an appointment with us and we will go to measure and give you a free in-home estimate.

Step 2. SELECT THE STONE: Time to Select your Stone. We will provide a list of stone to see what stone (slab) you like.

Step 3. TEMPLATE: Once everything is accepted we go make final templates/ measurements of your project. Meanwhile your stones get fabricated and polished ready for the install at our location.

Step 4. FABRICATION: We put you on our schedule for Fabrication, This is where the magic starts. If you are going with an exotic color, we always invite our customers to visit us before we cut the stone so they can select the spots of the slab they would like (some stones are like masterpieces, and we like our customers to be involved in the every aspect of the process).

Step 5. INSTALLATION: We call you one or two days from to confirm installation, so you can make any arrangements for your countertop installation. We also have Saturdays Installation available (for busy schedule customers). We install in one day (depending the size of the project, but regular size would take approximately 4 to 6 hrs-depending on project size). We also provide a complimentary seal after stone is installed.

After Step 5. you have nothing to worry about but to enjoy your new beautiful countertops.

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