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Protecting Stone Buildings and Monuments :: NEW PRODUCT

Announcing Our New Product – Barrier PlusTM For Stone

Today has been a great day for us.

I would like to announce Marble Masters Barrier PlusTM for stone.

We have finally finished our latest project which is a clear liquid product that you apply to building materials that are subject to deterioration for weathering such as Acid Rain, Carbon from vehicle exhausts, and other issues that cause stonework to degrade.

This product can be applied to any stone surface and it will create a protective film that is almost invisible to the naked eye and is also vapour permiable so the stone can breathe.

Until now most other products although offered a level of protection would also trap miosture under the film causing efflourence and rusting of the iron in marble. You can see evidence of this with orange blooming in white Carrara and Greek Thassos marbles and the salts running down Granite clad buildings.

We have interest from a building conservation company operating in the Middle east. They are asking to trial it on buildings in Dubai as the salts from the sea are causing havok with the stone.

Our Barrier PlusTM for stone will protect it nicely.

Also our distributor in Mumbai is interested in showing it to the body responsible for the Victoria Station in Mumbai.

So, if you have a Building, Monument or Statue you would like to protect please give us a call to discuss it 01707 661190.

Edward Green

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