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Limestone Cleaning in London

Limestone Cleaning in London For Your Home Or Office.

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Limestone-Cleaning-Floor-TilesLimestone cleaning is relatively straight forward for professional Stonemasons. I wouldn’t suggest that you employed the services of a “stone cleaning firm” to handle such an expensive item.

Luckily our clients are generally referred to us by other satisfied clients so they get the service they deserve with a beautiful near as new again Limestone Floors or walls or both.

As you have found us on the web you will no doubt be what we would call an informed buyer. Our web clients are used to gathering all of the information relevant to their job before even speaking to anyone about it.

As you can find we have the most comprehensive Limestone cleaning in london information website you will come across.

Limestone is a very soft stone and requires the utmost respect to get the best of of it.

We are often called to rectify floors that “cleaners” have used harsh chemicals on to clean and it most cases dissolved the surface.

All is not lost as we can repair and restore the limestone but it is costly at that piont. Obviously the best course of action is to take care who you instruct and if you have time get a couple of references to call.

Take a look through the site and when you are ready email or call us for more information. We eat and drink limestone cleaning and love to talk about it so if you have a question please give us a call 01707 661190.