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Granite Repairs in London For Worktops Service

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“If It’s Scratched, Chipped, Peeling, Acid Burnt, Stained, Damaged and in London, whatever the Granite Repair problem our repairs division can help Call NOW on 01707 661190”

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”Duncan Alexander, North London, 17th Feb 2014″ quotestyle=”style01″]I contacted Marble Master as I chipped a granite work top with a bottle of champagne! the champagne survived to be enjoyed but I was left with an unsightly chip in the granite! The chaps from Marble Master arrived and within an hour the granite work top was back to normal and it’s impossible to see where the repair was made. The guys were professional and friendly and I would not hesitate to recommend this company.[/sws_blockquote_endquote]

If you in and around London and have a Granite repair we can take care of it for you. We have been helping with Granite Repairs in London since 1985 and are the most knowledgeable people to help you.

So if you have a Granite Worktop, a Marble Table, Limestone fireplace or a Corian Counter that has a chip or scratch we can repair it.

In fact, any natural stone surface that has a chip on the edge or a scratch on the top can be repaired by our brand new technology. our R&D engineers have developed a completely new system repairing nearly perfectly damages on edges, corners and on the flat area, during assembly or in the workshop – fast, effective and of an extremely high quality!

We can Help you with:

  1. Deep scratches in the surface
  2. Peeling offs at edges
  3. Bruises and craters
  4. Cracks of more than 2 mm depth
  5. Corner breakage’ s
  6. Assembly and treatment defects

It used to be someone would arrive at your premises to drop a totally different coloured epoxy into your chip and call it a repair. They would also tell you that you needed to leave it for a day “to go off” or harden.

Those days are gone! We now mix colours on a palette to give an excellent colour match. Our UV light hardens our repairs in MINUTES not days. You are literally ready to use the repaired area the minute we leave your property.

This is the first worldwide-integrated complete system for a durable, close to nature and especially efficient high-quality repair, which can be executed on any polished natural and artificial stone in both interior and exterior are

The advantage to you of our London Granite Repair Service at a Glance:

A “one-day” repair in minutes.

Our materials cure after 60 seconds. Necessary repairs can be executed quickly and efficiently within a single day. A high surface finish with a durable high gloss sheen.

Once repaired our surfaces excel in specific properties:

  • chemical resistant
  • impact resistant and hard-wearing
  • can be high-polished and machined.
  • A perfect visual integration into the natural stone
  • For a perfect visual imitation there are available
  • highly transparent adhesion materials
  • natural colours
  • structure crystals
  • Colour fast without yellowing

The colours are extremely coloured fast and will not yellow – even when used outside. Repaired surfaces maintain their appearance – for a long time.

Indoor and outdoor use

Our repair system can be used both inside and outside. Extensive EMPA Tests (Confederate Material Examination Institute, Switzerland) according to the principle ‘fire and ice’ prove the fundamental improvement in colour fastness of our product compared with previous systems as well as a long lasting adhesion to the natural stone.

No mechanical adverse effect

Perfect surfaces – without affecting the natural surrounding. The compound planer and the special silicone sanding linen make it possible.

Simple and fast.

Please Note: Please don’t call if you aren’t in the London or Home counties area as we can’t service you at this time. If you are a Kitchen company or Insurance Company we do work on your behalf and can accommodate you clients.

We perform Granite Repairs in London Daily – Call 01707 661190 for service.