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Entrance Steps Renovation

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Entrance Steps repair in London is becoming a large part of our work. We did some small renovations to a certain Mr Blair’s residence back in 2002 and since then we have been repairing, restoring and replacing some fabulous marble staircases in and around London. Whether they are Marble, Granite, Limestone, Portland, Bath, Terrazzo, Concrete or Sandstone, we can repair and restore them to your satisfaction – GUARANTEED.

People think that restoring the stone stairs outside their home or office is a huge undertaking but nothing could be further from the truth. As our clients will tell you we are a true “No Fuss” company. We discuss your issue agree the program and bring it home on time and within budget.

Of course you need a quality team of Stonemasons to get the job done correctly and thats exactly what we have for you.

If your steps or stairs need some restoration give us a call for a no obligation quote. We are quoting in London everyday and dont mind dropping by to discuss your job. Call us NOW on 01707 661190.

Let me ask you a question? Have you had enough of the unsightly entrance to your home or office building? What is it saying about you? Do you think people look at it and wonder just what sort of people let it get into such a state?

Ok, I am going over the top here. It really isn’t as bad as that but frankly you know it could do with some TLC (Tender Loving care). It isn’t as difficult as you might imaging to perform repairs and restoration. In fact on most occasions it can be finished
within a day or two.

we can repair cracks, missing pieces of marble, Granite, Limestone, Bath or Portland. We can remove and reinstall in exactly the same stone, obviously new stone but the same design if you wish.

Why not call for a no obligation quotation. We can give you many addresses probably near to where you live so you can see our work once the job is completed. We have been restoring external staircases for many years with our quality teams of Stonemasons.

Recently finished works are at Hyde Park Place, Kensington High Street and Grosvenor Gardens.

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