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Concrete Polishing

Polishing Concrete Marble Master Superfloor

What is Polished Concrete or Polishing Concrete?

Polished Concrete is a practical, decorative & economical floor system for any facility. From showrooms to industrial warehouses, government buildings to retail facilities, dry-polished concrete is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing phenomena to ever hit the flooring industry. Contrary to other temporary surface chemical processes, Dry-Polished Concrete is a mechanical grinding & polishing process that utilizes industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners and sealers to level, densify, polish & finally seal the floor from within the interior of the floor surface.

If you want to see an example of what can be achieved and the natural beauty of polished concrete have a look at the flooring at your nearest IKEA or Costco. Both of these companies know that the concrete polished floor is a low cost alternative to other hard wearing floor systems.


This is a picture of a concrete floor that wasn’t laid specifically for polishing.










Here is the same floor using the Supafloor polishing techniques that great to use on Concrete that hasn’t been laid specifically for polishing.

The problems that can arise from polishing floors that aren’t laid for polishing are ripple effects and delamination. Make sure you get a Stonemason to polishing your Concrete floor for you or you may have some trouble.

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