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Concrete Polishing – Pitfalls To Look Out For

Concrete Polishing

polished_concrete_floor_afterWhen you uncover an old floor that has concrete laid you might instantly assume that if you polish it you will end up with the usual beautifully shiny concrete floor that we know is very low maintenance.

This isn’t also the case and here’s why.

The concrete that was laid 40+ years ago was never intended to be polished.

When it was laid and because it was never meant to be on show it would have been full of air that leave bubbles in the Concrete.

The second thing is if the Concrete floor isn’t that old it would have been pumped into the area.

This pumping makes waves of the aggregate that holds and binds the concrete.

So, two issues arise here when attempting to Diamond Polish a Concrete floor.

the first is that once you start to grind the floor you will uncover the air pockets and that will leave a honeycombed effect on the surface.

You may grind all the way to bottom of the concrete slab before you get tp a level non pitted surface.

If this happens the floor will require re-screeding and polishing from there. This is quite expensive to do.

The second problem can be at the pumping concrete into the area stage.

The aggregate gets pumped in waves and isn’t strategically laid throughout the slab.

When you uncover the floor by diamond grinding it looks wavy and non uniformed.

Some of our clients like this but you should be aware.

When we are polishing concrete floors we only do this after a test patch has been performed and for the reasons above I ask you to undertake a test area first.

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