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Cleaning Products For Marble, Limestone and Granite and Most Other Natural Stone

Make sure you get the right products for the right stone. We see damage all day long by consumers using high alkaline products like Flash and other bathroom cleaning products on polished stone. Be aware, these products will cause enough damage to make you have to use the services of a Natural Stone Restoration company like ours.

If you are going to keep using the high alkaline harmful to the environment, our health and your stone surfaces products, keep our number... YOU WILL NEED IT 0845 299 7333

Our Stone Dressing is a natural blend of Soaps and other natural ingredients to clean, maintain, impregnate and leave a nice anti slip shine to your surfaces.

Here is my personal opinion. Stay away from HG stone products. I have clients that have not only lost money by purchasing this stuff but also needed a professional solution following the use of any HG products. Once again, MY OPINION.

If you need advice about the appropriate product to use for your stone please give us a call. Do not call the cleaning companies who know nothing about the chemistry in cleaning detergents for general cleaning let alone stone.

Always remember where you got the advice form and also WE SELL THE PRODUCTS.

Go here for Stone Restoration Machinery or Here for Cleaning Products

granite repair

Granite Repair


terrazzo repairs

Client Comments:
"I just wanted to say thank you for the work undertaken on Saturday - so much dirt and so many marks have been removed that it has made a huge difference to the look of the floor. Great – thanks, Won’t hesitate to get in touch again when the need arises".
-Jo Daly -

"I just wanted to write and say how absolutely fantastic Tom and Liam were last week in the face of what turned out to be a hideous job  -  they were unfailingly courteous and worked incredibly hard & I'm terrible grateful to them . They are a credit to the firm !  Many thanks. very best wishes"
- Judith Unwin

 "It is nice to see that good old fashioned values are stil available. What a pleasure to do business with you and what a great job"
- William Horley

I see your vans in Fulham all the time and often wondered if you could help my poor floor - Thank you for a marvelous transformation, unbelievable.
- Rita Verity-Smyth

Efficient and neat. Four men worked simultaneously in different parts of the building to complete the job faster. Very courteous, a thoroughly pleasant experience.
-Susie Springer


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