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Fireplace Restoration – Channel 4 For Homes

We have just had a client call to say she saw us on the Channel 4 for homes website.

It was all about Fireplace Restoration and cleaning product to maintain it.

Although we are a specialist Fireplace Restorer and have been for 20 years the article was more interested in the wonderful Stone soap.

Fireplace Cleaning Method.

You must always use mild soaps to clean and moisturise the stone of a fireplace.

Firstly lightly brushe away any loose dirt, soot or similar debris.

Mixed 2 capfuls of Stone soap in half a bucket of luke warm clean water and use a clean white cloth to dampen the stone.

Leave the surface wet for 5 minutes then remove the mixture from the surface with the cloth.

Do this one more time and when the Fireplace is clean allow to dry naturally.

Get a fluffy towel and buff the surface to a nice sheen or shine.

I want to thanks Kirsty and Phil for thinking of us.