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Bathroom Vanity Marble Top Staining Case Study

A client who owns a successful interior design company sent us a photo of a problem marble top that keeps staining in a Bathroom. Our client thought the piece of stone she chose for her client would be ideal as it is black and marble and you would think is quite robust and could stand the rigours of bathroom activities.

nero-marquina-marblemasterThe Marble in question was Nero Marquina. A black stone that is very shiny with pure white veining throughout the stone. Here is a picture of the stone.

This stone is perfect for a bathroom where lighting can be used to reflect off of the surface showing the perfectly flat surface and has a deep luxurious shine. As with any Marble it is still porous and requires a decent sealant. Decent sealants are few and far between although there are hundreds of different grands online nowadays.

Now the type of staining our client was getting wasn’t that unusual once a few questions were answered. Its also important when choosing stone to look at the conditions in which the stone will live. You can see in the picture on the right here that the surface has some staining.

This particular piece of stone was in the bathroom of a young gentleman that was a fan of aftershave andnero-marquina-acid-etching-staiining Cologne. Both of these items are not appreciated by marble as if they are of an acidic nature they will literally dissolve the marble surface leaving a ghastly stain.

It doesn’t matter the sealant nothing will stop the surface etching bar a sheet of glass which is obviously ridiculous.

So in short although we can repolishing the surface and remove the acid etching to return the shine it will need constant looking after.

Some of our Stone Soap will help to leave a little protection after each clean but it isn’t bulletproof, nothing is.

If you insist on getting stone in a bathroom ask us or another stone mason or someone who knows stone what type would be suitable for you.

UPDATE: We visited the client today and very successfully polished out the staining and applied some Italian nano molecule stain repellant with should stop most staining liquids (but not all) unfortunately.

We always leave a comprehensive maintenance guide and if the client follows it combined with cleaning using Stone Soap we should be golden.