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Acid Etch Damage by Viakal

Today I have received yet another problem with Nero Marquina stone.

The problem? Yes, it’s our old friend acid etching yet again. This time a maid used Viakal to descale a tap, and it dripped down onto the Marble surface and dissolved it leaving the tell tale sign of an acid etch stain.

Viakal is a great product for very fast removal of limescale if you don’t mind harmful chemicals.

I prefer to use white distilled vinegar and water but both Viakal and Vinegar will dissolve marble, so it is a problem.

There are Stone friendly products for removing limescale if you hunt around for them.

Try amazon they usually have quite a few products, but do not forget to view the reviews to get a good product that won’t ruin your marble.

nero-marquina-tap-acid-etching-staining2So, back to the situation here. Firstly the tap will need to be removed to completely resurface the top. Here’s a closer picture of the damage.

When the damage first occurs you would think that the top would never be returned to its usual beauty but 3 hours of polishing would bring it back to as good as new.

The reason the stain is prominent is that the surface melts and allows the light to penetrate into the porous holes the Viakal caused. The rest of the Nero Marquina has a tightly polished surface, and the light can’t penetrate and therefore reflects back giving the shine.

This type of job is usually £200 – £250 to repair as the diamonds required and quite expensive and don’t go very far.

Please remember that if you have stone in the house keep all acids whether chemical or citric away from your stone and you should be fine.

We get around 40-50 calls a month for this exact type of damage, so it’s pretty common but can be avoided and if not, rectified.